Massy Realty (Trinidad) Ltd. has offered Property Management services across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors for close to 25 years. We pride ourselves on being efficient, innovative, responsive, reliable, trustworthy and responsible with your properties.

We cater to just about every need that your property, you or your tenants can have; then we fix those needs!

Our services include:

  • Maintenance – We do daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or as necessary maintenance for any need that your property has; inclusive of gardening and landscaping, pools, air-conditioning, power washing, rodent and pest control, security, servicing and installation of water pumps and water tanks, etc.
  • Repairs and Response – Has your tenant called you on a Saturday night, when you’re already occupied, to tell you that there is an issue with your property? We’ll respond for you, in good time and speed. We’ll assess that situation, communicate the problem and solution to you, and carry out all instructions or repairs in a timely manner.
  • Rent Collection –  Do you just need someone trustworthy to collect your rent and deposit it into an account for you? We will collect rent for any of your properties and deposit them into any bank account of your choosing (certain restrictions apply).
  • Communication – Have, or had, a property manager that you can’t get ahold of? We’re always available via phone or email. We’re a message or call away from responding. We’ve got a dedicated property management phone and answer all calls.
  • Negotiations – Does your tenant want to renew or end their tenancy? We’ll carry out those negotiations for you, ensuring that your best interests are sought after every time.
  • Records – We’ll send you a monthly report that carries detailed content on what was maintained, what went wrong and what we did about it.

Contact us for a site visit or consultation on your property today!