• Is your property market-ready?

  • Become house proud– It may help you obtain much more than you expected!

Are you selling?

  1. Remove all unused and old items – now is the time to clear out and give away. Your rooms will look larger and more spacious.
  2. Clean thoroughly – especially bathrooms and the kitchen. Remove dishes in the sink and neaten up those cupboards in case they may be opened.
  3. A coat of paint makes a difference – always paint in a neutral colour. While we all have different tastes in home decor, be safe and always paint in a light, neutral colour.
  4. Rooms must always be bright – open your curtains and let in the cool tropical breezes! If a room is particularly dark or hot, turn on the lights and turn on a fan.
  5. Tidy your garden – weed the beds and cut the lawn. A garden often adds appeal and value to any property.
  6. Smells make a difference – bake a cake; burn a scented candle; plug in a deodoriser; and clean up that dog poo!
  7. Curb Appeal – can add as much as quarter of a million dollars to the sale price of your property. Call us in for our expert advice.
  8. Appointments – always try to be flexible. We have pre-arranged times and days set by you, however, please try to facilitate the buyer if these arrangements are not suitable.
  9. During showings – let us work for you to earn our fees – Allow us to show your property as the real estate experts! We promise to point out all those special features we discussed.